Bibliometric analysis of references and citations of the national agricultural journal sodobno kmetijstvo in international bibliographic and www resources


Tomaz BARTOL ( Tomaž Bartol, T Bartol ) a




Sodobno kmetijstvo, 2002, vol. 35, no. 11-12, p. 447-452



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Research Article


Slovenian - Slovene




This is a scientometric examination of the Slovenian general national agricultural journal Sodobno kmetijstvo. Sodobno kmetijstvo covers animal and plant or crop sciences, production and protection, food and nutrition, and forestry. SodK has been indexed in depth by Agris and CAB Abstracts with Agris covering only research papers (214 records) and CAB covering both research and technical papers (403 records) (1995-2001). Sodobno kmetijstvo is not indexed (abstracted) by Web of Science, however, individual papers (1984-2002) were cited 16 times (19 author citations). Slovenian national cooperative online bibliographic system and database COBISS/COBIB covered 2052 records from Sodobno kmetijstvo (1968-2001). On average, 150 records per year have been indexed as of 1990. In autumn of 2002 there were 191 WWW pages (search engine Google) that mentioned this journal. These 191 pages originated from 50 different home pages. 23 domains were Slovenia-related (.SI), followed by .ORG, .COM, etc. Among the 50 home pages 31 pages brought a bibliographic (not full-text) record of an article, the remnant of pages contained only a mention of the journal title. SodK has been internationally quite visible and accessible for the last decade. It has been covered by major international and national bibliographic services. Some room for improvement lies in enhancing citations of research articles in Web of Sciences. However, Sodobno kmetijstvo also remains an important national journal, written in Slovenian language, and is instrumental in transferring knowledge from research into agricultural application.




agriculture, biosciences, agronomy, bibliometric analysis, bibliometrics, cybermetrics, data analysis, data bases, databases, data collection, documentation, identification, information processing, information retrieval, information science -scientific information, information services, internet, journals, library research - library science, publications, research, science, scientometric analysis, scientometrics, webometrics, cybermetrics, bibliography, bibliographies, information scatter, mapping of science



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Chair of Information Science, Department of Agronomy, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, SLOVENIA



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Bibliometrična analiza navajanja in citiranja nacionalne kmetijske revije Sodobno kmetijstvo v mednarodnih bibliografskih in spletnih virih



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kmetijstvo - biotehnika, bioznanosti, agronomija, bibliometrične analize, bibliometrija, kibermetrija, cibermetrija, analiza podatkov, podatkovne zbirke, zbiranje podatkov, dokumentalistika - dokumentacija, identifikacija, procesiranje informacij, iskanje informacij, znanstvena informatika - informacijska znanost, informacijske službe - informacijske storitve, internet, revije - časopisi, bibliotekarstvo, objave, publikacije, raziskovanje, znanost, scientometrične analize, scientometrija, webometrija - spletometrija, kibermetrija, cibermetrija, bibliografija, bibliografije, razkropljenost informacij, kartiranje znanosti


Source: Selected bibliography of scientific and research articles and other documents: agriculture, bibliometrics, scientometrics, information science, scientific information, documentation

Vir: Izbrana bibliografija znanstvenih člankov in drugih dokumentov